What’s in YOUR hall closet?

FACT: The only time I think about my hall closet is when I have guests coming over. It’s true. As I hustle about, picking up the clutter around my house, I get to the foyer and stop in my tracks as I see that some of us have taken off our shoes and have left them by the door. Now, this is fine for just us, right? But with company coming I gather the shoes and quickly throw them into the bottom of the closet. It is usually at this point that I am derailed from the “quick tidy” and now venture into the “this really needs to be organized” mode. So I quickly sit on the floor, pull out all the shoes from the bottom of the closet and hurriedly begin to line the shoes up neatly. It only takes a moment to realize that all these shoes are not going to fit going across, thus establishing plan “B” and the need for “layering” or piling the shoes on top of one another. “At least it’s neat” I say to no one (since, as it is time for tiding, everyone has mysteriously disappeared} and go to close the door and realize that there are no extra hangers for the coats that the guests will be wearing when they come in. This is a good catch by me as I am usually embarrassed and just hang their coat on top of one of our “lighter” jackets..so in lieu of running to the master bedroom closet to search for extra hangers I just double up a few of our coats and close the door. Sheesh,  I really do not time for this- I will deal with this another day.

On a daily basis my family will absently throw, depending on the season we our in, our muddy running shoes,  our tennis bags, gloves, mittens, scarves, umbrellas, sweatshirts, vacuum cleaner, you name it, it has probably spent some time in the hall closet. Such a sad state that closet. Truly, the junk drawer of closets. But there is a solution. Your hall closet can be so nice that you find yourself  opening the door just to look at how nice it looks!

How to take back your closet:

Start by taking inventory…Then order any supplies you think you may need. (Keep reading for ideas)

  1.  Sort the shoes. Those that are not seasonal and put them in the bedroom where they belong. (You don’t need your winter boots in there if it is summer!) In my closet I have sandals, running shoes and a couple pair of walking sneakers.
  2. Categorize the coats. Pull out each coat and look at it. Is it wearable? When would you wear it?  When was the last time you wore it? Be hard lined, especially if you have 4-5 raincoats. Also, sift through and throw out any coat hanger that is not doing its job.
  3. Wade through the winter accessories. Make sure you have matches for the the gloves and mittens and store them together.
  4. Remove any other debris.                                                                                                                                                      Now comes putting your closet together.  This is the fun part! I am going to share what I did in hopes that it may act as a model for your work. Just so there is full disclosure, before I started this process I measured the bottom of my closet and ordered a shoe rack https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NFFQSJ4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 that would fit the space, but not overwhelm the whole closet floor. I also ordered a motion detector light https://www.amazon.com/OxyLED-T-03-Luxury-Aluminum-Anywhere/dp/B0079TPCIU/ref=sr_1_13?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1499199590&sr=1-13&keywords=motion+sensor+light from amazon. I was tired of not really being able to see when I opened my closet and had tried a few other options..but this one has been great. I also looked to be sure I had plenty of sturdy coat hangers, and in that department I was fine. First thing we did was mount the light. While my husband did that, I assembled the shoe rack and set that aside. Once the light was operating, I began hanging the coats in sections. You can organize them by season or by owner or even by color! It’s up to you. I did it by owner and by season. Lightest to heaviest. Then I used a spare basket/container and organized the winter gloves, hats, headbands, etc. I only needed a small basket-since we live in Texas now- but if you are up north, you could invest in a couple of the fabric storage containers (Walmart $4) and sort by type or owner. I wrapped the scarves and put them neatly on the shelf, but you could hang them or store them in a basket. The picture does not show it but I hung a hook for a bag. That is also an option if there is a bag you grab frequently and want to keep it on hand. At the end of the day, I found myself going to the closet and opening it, just to see how neat it looks!  I hope this has helped.  Good luck with your project! And remember-it doesn’t have to be perfect-it just has to be perfect for you.

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