So Many Clothes, Nothing to Wear!

Is your closet jam-packed and yet you have absolutely nothing to wear? Can you describe your personal style in one sentence? If someone grabbed a random piece from your close right now, how likely is it that it would be something you love, wear regularly, or in my case, actually fits? The frustrating thing is that I have always tried to follow the “rules” in order to cultivate my own style but have frequently come up short when it comes to actually loving what I am wearing and it leaves me with a closet that is over run with things that I just don’t wear.

A few weeks ago I was house sitting for a friend. As I went into the master bedroom to deposit my luggage, I was struck by her closet. (See photo above) There was a simplicity about it. She had 7-8 pairs of slacks, no more than 12-15 blouses, 6 really nice sweaters and a few other distinct items (blazer, belts) that would complete any of her outfits. I realized that probably everything in this closet she wore. I knew what I had to do. Go back to my closet and re asses!

Sorting our clothing closets can be a challenge. I am currently reading a book “the curated closet” by Anuschka Rees, and she is a true genius when it comes to wardrobe. Her approach is for us to “curate” a wardrobe that is tailored to our own personality, not based on “essentials” or the newest trend. Over the next few weeks I would like to share some of her strategies to help you achieve a stream-lined closet. We will start with her first principle…

  1. Be selective: Reserve your closet space for items you love 100%

“Try to think of your closet as an exclusive members-only club. Only pieces that you love and are truly excited to wear get to stay (or get invited in). anything ill-fitting, scratchy, worn out, or something that just not, you needs to not be there.” Now, while this seems logical, I know personally that I have bought things that I think or hope will look good but it ends up just another item in an all ready crowded closet. We need to do away with the “imperfect things” (whether they are in our closet now, or destined to be stuck there-unappreciated and neglected)

  • Items that we buy (bought) because they were “a good deal”.
  • Clothes so uncomfortable that we take them off the minute we get home.
  • Things that don’t fit but we keep them just in case they fit again. (ouch! getting a little close to home)
  • Shoes we can barely walk in or that give us blisters.
  • Wearing things because they cost us a good chunk of change and we don’t want the investment to go to waste.
  • Clothes that tug and/or ride up in all the wrong places.
  • “Comfy clothes” we wouldn’t be caught dead in outside the house.

Let’s start here. Let’s decide that we are going to put more thought into what is going into our closet and on our bodies and start sorting through what we have hanging in there.







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