Let’s Talk Junk Drawers!

Your junk drawer need not be perfect, but it should be practical.

Everyone has that drawer. The drawer that gets so full that the expired coupons overflow out the back and fall into the cupboard underneath it. The drawer that you convince yourself you will “take care of” when you get the time, but of course you never really get the time. But it IS possible to reclaim that space!
For me the decision came upon me slowly, like the light dawning on Marble Head. For years I would open the drawer only to put things in. I never actually would ever remove anything from that drawer. The drawer was the holding tank for all items I did not want to make a decision on. Sometimes I would stand over it and use my fingers to sort through the profusion of items and do a quick inventory. Ketchup packet, hmmm, you never know when you will run out of ketchup and need a packet. Paper clip, hmmm, I don’t really want to pick it up and bring it into the office. Safety pins, need those. I never would take one from here though-I would go to my sewing box for a safety pin. Well, just in case I need one in a hurry, I will leave it here. Pennies, birthday candles and outdated wallet sized school photos (I can’t throw away a school picture, even if I have 15 other copies in all shapes and sizes-oh dear!)Then there is the Elmer’s glue-the glue is completely dry and the tip is glued shut, but you never know…menus, coupons (which have all expired!) Then, one day, while in the process of bending down to get a casserole pan, I noticed a crumpled coupon sitting atop of the pan. I don’t know what came upon me, but suddenly I felt this incredible need to take control of this space and in a bold gesture I picked up that long expired glad storage bag coupon and threw it in the trash. It was remarkable, that feeling of accomplishment just that one step.

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