Happy New New New…

Happy 2019!

Or not. Either way, the year is upon us and if you are like me, your holiday decorations are down and stored, and all of the new stuff has been stuffed unceremoniously into the closet. With all that new stuff, have you noticed that you are out of hangers? Have you resorted to using the bent wire ones that you vowed you were going to recycle back to the dry cleaners but because of the large influx of newness they have been drafted into service and are now bent beyond recognition trying to support your husband’s winter weight flannel shirt? IT is NOT time to buy new hangers.. it is time to make new that closet!

The old adage “if you add a new item to your wardrobe, you must discard an old one” is a wonderful philosophy…in theory. However, in practice, when you need a white shirt, you buy a white shirt and hang that new white shirt in the closet and do what? You look at the other white shirts hanging there, knowing that the reason you bought the new white shirt is because you wouldn’t be able to wear the old white one hanging there,(it was nothing personal against the shirt, it may have miraculously shrunk over the past year, it may have yellowed under the arms, or it may have stretched and lost its shape) and yet the old shirt is left to hang right there. Okay, it is time to get tough on your closet! Pull that old white tee off the hanger! Go ahead. You can go in there now and do it. I will wait. Okay, if it has been pulled off the very usable hanger it was occupying-throw it away. Seriously. No one at the (fill in the name of where ever you donate your items) is going to buy it. As Maria Von Trapp attested, there are some things even the poor don’t want.

Okay, good. So now, look around at the other shirts. Start with your casual wear and ask yourself, “Would I put this on to go to the store?” If the answer is no because it is something you don’t like, doesn’t fit, or don’t wear- put it in a bag marked “donate”. You are on your way. And look-you have an extra hanger-woo hoo! Now you can pull out another bent hanger, recycle it and put that item that was languishing sadly on the bent hanger, on a quality hanger. Your closet revolution has begun!

Here is the thing. If you have time, forge on. Fill that donation bag. (If you are unsure of an item, I will put it to the far right or far left of the closet. If I have not gone back and looked to wear it in 3 months, I donate it). Sort the clothing by type, color and season. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day..If you just have five minutes, take a few minutes-throw a few things in the donation bag or pull something out that needs to be laundered before you wear it again and put it in the laundry. Or use that time to hand wash a favorite sweater that could use a pick me up. You will be amazed at how good you will feel.

It’s a new year, I hope this helps you take one step in the journey towards a new you.

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