Meet Laura

Laura Smith

Founder & CEO

I am a retired school teacher enjoying life with my husband, 2 married children, and 3 grand daughters. When I am not organizing I love quilting, (brand new endeavor!) reading, walking , and playing tennis.

Our Approach

My Approach

I know what it is like to have a busy life. The frustration of trying to keep everything in control. I remember my husband taking way too long to find a lid that fit the Tupperware container he had in his hand, only to find out that there was not, in fact, any lid that would! Or when I was looking in the cupboard and realized that I have six  eight-inch pie pans! Or opening the "junk" drawer and not being able to find one thing I would actually use. (How old ARE those batteries? and This coupon expired in 2009!) I realized then that this was not good and I was going to lose my mind if I did not get a handle on the situation!

Thus it began. It took many tries, and much training of the family, but little by little things began to take shape. I read books, blogs, articles, and got advice from friends (whom, may I say, were in the same boat as me!) and finally just developed a routine that would work. We got to the point where everything had a place. We would not leave dinner dishes in the sink overnight. We would put the lids and the containers where they belonged. If something did not have a matching lid or container we would...yes, gasp...throw it out. That was one of the hardest things I did-fearing that one day that lid might turn up and then what? But seriously, as I began to let go of the "stuff" that was not useful, not pretty, and not important, I felt lighter! It was amazing to open a cupboard and have only what I would actually ever use right in front of me. I feel like I won a victory in the battle for my home.

My goal is to help others attain this freedom and satisfaction.


Our Story

My Story

Let's just say that I believe every person has an incredible story. I have lived in eight states and have traveled the world, but my favorite place was always home. I am a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a wife, a mom, and a grandmother and have experienced much love and many challenges in each stage of my journey. What I learned along the way is that I am closest to the people with whom I can be real. I have to not be bound by the unrealistic expectation of perfection, but to strive for excellence and continue to grow in all areas of my life. That is the spirit I bring to my business.

I have helped innumerable people organize their kitchens, re-arrange their furniture to accommodate a changing lifestyle, de-clutter their homes before a move, and move into a new home. There is nothing like the satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after a true re-organization project has been completed. I love that feeling and I love helping others feel the relief of the burden of chaos and clutter. It is my passion to support and help others in this endeavor!


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